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In an effort to be completely upfront to our audience, adhere to governing laws and fully disclose our business relationships, The All Things Group must in good faith disclose our affiliate relationships with other companies and products. To be clear, many external links from our website and email communications are in fact affiliate links that could result in our business receiving compensation when you navigate to an external site via the affiliate link.

To clarify an affiliate link is a hyperlink with a special tracking code. When you click an affiliate link, make a purchase or subscribe to a service, The All Things Group will receive an affiliate commission. The affiliate links provided on The All Things Group website and emails will typically be in the form of banner advertising, text links, text messaging and video content. Compensation may be provided to The All Things Group in the form of a direct payment or discounted services based on pay per click revenue or commissions for sales of products.

It's also important to clarify that while The All Things Group is a for-profit business that we have not received compensation in the form of money, products or services to mention the services or products on our website. The services and products we promote are carefully reviewed by our staff. We promote products and services that we believe may benefit our audience.

While we strive to offer our audience reputable offering via our affiliate links, it's imperative that you as the consumer do your due diligence when making a decision to make a purchase through one of our tracked affiliate links.

Our list of affiliate partners continues to grow and The All Things Group will do our best to maintain a list of our affiliate partners to ensure transparency of our association to these affiliate links.

Current Affiliate Partners
eBay Google Ads
Goumi Kids (Goumi Kids Policies) Rakuten Marketing (Rakuten Marketing Services Privacy Policy)
SeatGeek Target (Target Privacy Policy)
VigLink (VigLink Consumer Disclosure) ZipRecruiter

The All Things Group does our best to be conscientious of our audience. We appreciate your support of our website and business. As we have indicated on our website, we hope you find our website articles inspiring to achieve your goals.

Thank you for your support.

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