How to become a Dog Trainer

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How to become a Dog Trainer

With an estimated 89 million dogs living in United States households alone, it's easy to see the need for professional dog trainers. Our beloved family pets, police dogs, service dogs, security dogs and even show dogs all benefit from training. Not only do the dogs benefit from training but the owners do as well. Learning how to command ones dog is important for the safety of the dog and those around the dog. Essentially as a dog trainer you are not only working with the animals but the human owners too by guiding them through the obedience training.

To date there are no state or federal requirements to qualify as a professional dog trainer. With only a few dog trainer schools most professional trainers are self-taught. An effective dog trainer will need to be patient with both animals and humans. A trainer must also be able to effectively communicate with both dogs and owners. Regarding the dogs, this communication will be verbal and nonverbal in the form or commands and interaction. Communication to the owners will be to instill consistency in the commands being taught as well as how to respond to the dog's behavior. Teaching just the dog will not be as effective unless the dog owners are following through with the same training practices on their own time.

Training is a process of repetition to change a behavior and this can take time and commitment from both the trainer and owner. A dog trainer may use a specific technique or a variety of training methods to produce the best training results. Training techniques to name just a few may include:

Dominance Training -
In short this is the thought that dogs think and operate in a pack mentality. The alpha dog is the leader and all others follow behind. In a human to dog relationship this means the owner(s) should be the alpha leader. This method has been taught for many years but has recently been thought to actually create more anxiety and stress for the dog.

Positive Reinforcement -
This dog training method works on the principal that you positively reward your dog when they follow commands or behave correctly. The positive reinforcement should come immediately following the dogs correct reaction. Rewards can be in the form of treats, praise, play time, petting or access to a toy.

Click Training -
Click training for dogs is a form of positive reinforcement. This method uses a clicking device that is clicked when the dog performs the correct response or action. The dog will ideally over time make the connection of the clicker to good behavior. As with positive reinforcement the click should happen immediately after the dog has responded or acted accordingly. Rewards such as small treats, petting or play time can also follow the click for good behavior by the dog.

While the techniques listed above are just a few methods of training there are other professional training methods. A good trainer will also learn to identify if a specific method is not effective and will use a combination of training methods to accomplish the desired goal. Just as important on training correct behavior, learning how to correct bad behavior in a dog is key to proper dog training.

As mentioned above there is no requirements for certification or licensing to become a dog trainer. Although a dedicated professional dog trainer should work to continue their own education. A good place to start is by reading books related to animal behavior science. A thorough understanding of animal learning patterns, effects of positive and negative reinforcement in training, habitat conditions and dominance are great topics to explore.

Next consider working as an assistant dog trainer or ask to be an apprentice to a professional trainer. Hands on experience with the guidance of a professional dog trainer will provide for an excellent learning opportunity. Other options include working at your local animal shelter or veterinary clinic where you can both interact with the animals but also observe how other professionals handle dogs.

While there may not be any specific regulations to become a dog trainer, your employer may have such requirements. Some dog training jobs may require that you have completed the CCPCD or ADPT course. Bear in mind that these courses do not provide dog training certification but rather certify you have completed their training course. The benefits of these types of courses provide the trainer with additional animal and general business education related to the dog training field. Equally important would be continued higher education in an animal science field and ethology. Learning interpersonal communication skills and teaching techniques will all benefit an individual seeking a career as a dog trainer.

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook the estimated national average income for an animal trainer is $23k per year. This is not specific to dog trainers but animal training as a whole. This field of work is also anticipated to continue to grow at a faster than average rate of 22% compared to other jobs and their average expected growth rate. Job opportunities will typically be in higher demand in more densely populated areas.

Providing dog training services is a well rewarding career. You are helping owners to learn to live with their animal companions so that both dog and human mutually benefit. In addition as a trainer you are not limited to working for a company that provides dog training. With some experience and a well-established network in the animal community, you can also start your own dog training company allowing you to further expand your career path and impart your knowledge to beginning trainers.

    • Dog Trainer
      Bark & Birch San Jose, CA, USA
      As a Bark & Birch dog trainer you will be responsible for delivering excellence to all our clients, both canine and human. You will have a variety of professional experience dealing with dog ...
    • Dog Trainer
      Off Leash K9 Training Monterey, CA, USA
      The ideal Dog Trainer candidate must have: Strong work ethic, reliable, honest, and most importantly, a passion for dogs. Computer skills with the ability to create dog training videos. The ability ...
    • Dog Trainer
      Love of Dogs Training Redwood City, CA, USA
      Looking for qualified dog trainer to conduct a few dog training classes. Classes are small personal classes (5-6 dogs). Held inside a training room. Weekday evening and/or weekends .. Flexible hours ...
    • Dog Trainer
      Karma Dog Training Seattle, WA, USA
      Karma Dog Training , established in 2004, is now hiring Assistant and Lead Trainers (we are also accepting Volunteers as well) who know how to come from the highest, most enlightened perspective when ...
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      Off Leash K9 Training Los Angeles, CA, USA
      Become a dog trainer for the globally recognized dog training business, Off Leash K9 Training! With over 140 licensed locations throughout the United States, over 300,000 fans on Facebook, and over ...
    • Dog Trainer
      Suite Dog Daze LLC Salem, OR, USA
      The Dog Trainer's responsibilities include evaluating dogs ' dispositions and temperaments, providing regular progress updates to clients, and teaching clients how to reinforce good behavior. You ...
    • Puppy Trainer
      Walker Scout San Francisco, CA, USA
      We offer Bay Area dog owners the opportunity to enroll their dog in our revolutionary Puppy Day ... This can be your first step to working as a professional dog trainer or working with dogs on ...
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      Lorenzo's Dog Training Team Houston, TX, USA
      As a Dog Trainer with Lorenzo's Dog Training Team, you will become a valuable team member. Our Dog Training Academy program will teach you the necessary skills in order to become a successful dog ...
    • Full-Time Dog Handler
      K9 KEEP FIT LLC San Jose, CA, USA
      Professional pet care (daycare/trainer/veterinary/groomer) with 1 years' experience preferred Full job description * K9 Keep Fit, LLC is a dog daycare, boarding and training facility in San Jose for ...
    • Dog trainers/ Doggie daycare customer service
      Positive Energy Dog Training South San Francisco, CA, USA
      Job Description The ideal Dog Trainer candidate must have: Strong work ethic, be reliable, honest, and most importantly, have a passion for dogs. Computer skills with the ability to create dog ...
    • Certified Dog Trainer
      Walker Scout Burlingame, CA, USA
      As we strive to grow and improve our team, we believe a certified dog trainer will be integral to Vicki's Little Rascals reaching new heights. The certified trainer will have four primary ...
    • Dog Trainer Assistant
      Royal Dog Academy Los Angeles, CA, USA
      Royal Dog Academy is looking for people who love dogs and are seeking for a full-time job as a professional Dog Trainer. No previous experience of training dogs is required, but we do want to recruit ...
    • Apprentice Dog Trainer
      Canine School Of Behavior Los Angeles, CA, USA
      We are currently seeking motivated individuals interested in learning the art of dog training. Our company does all forms of training from puppies and rescue dogs to personal protection and service ...
    • Assist Dog Trainer
      Ma n Paw Simi Valley, CA, USA
      Ma & Paw Kennel has been training dogs professionally for over 30 years. We specialize in training pet dogs and their people. These event are rattlesnake avoidance training. Live (muzzled ...
    • Dog Walker / Cat Specialist (Queen Anne / Magnolia)
      Little Furry Things Seattle, WA, USA
      Training dogs using positive reinforcement, utilizing fear-free and force-free methods * Follow the client provided care instructions including training preferences * Provide detailed and attentive ...
    • Dog Walker
      Canine Comprehensive Oakland, CA, USA
      We are an expanding small local business offering dog training, walking and boarding services in Oakland, Alameda, and Berkeley. * Check us out- we're currently an all female team ( * Canine ...
    • Dog Walkers and Hikers
      Best Dog Walks Santa Monica, CA, USA
      In 2019, we expanded into a second business, Best Dog Walks, to provide a divide between the walking and training businesses. We currently cover West Los Angeles and are in the process of an ...
    • Certified Dog Trainer and/or Certified Veterinary Technician- Work from home
      PetCareNow, Inc. New York, NY, USA
      As a certified GoodPup Dog Trainer, you will be responsible for providing high-quality training and behavioral guidance to new puppy owners from your home via video chat. Job Requirements
    • Dog Walker/Pet Sitter- Frolic's Burien, Des Moines, Kent, Federal Way Team
      Frolic Pet Services City of Des Moines, WA, USA
      Frolic Pet Services Training available both Pre and Post Hire We are a rapidly growing expanding ... Dog Walking and Pet Sitting with Frolic Pet Services can be a career, a part-time job, or just a ...
    • Pet Sitter / Dog Walker (Wylie, TX)
      Roxie's Pet Sitting, LLC Wylie, TX, USA
      Free Dog Kisses & Cat Purrs * Opportunities to work with other pets besides cats & dogs ... Training & Support to get you started and keep you up to date on the latest in this industry
    • Kennel Attendant/Trainer Assistant
      Classic Heritage Golden Retrievers Newcastle, CA, USA
      Puppy and adult dog care as well as cleaning/sanitizing all dog/puppy areas is part of this job ... We have a professional trainer but ideally, you will work on continued puppy training as needed
    • Dog Walker/Pet Sitter
      Citizen Hound Llc San Francisco, CA, USA
      Teacher, dog trainer, coach, boot camp instructor, friend, confidant...we wear a lot of hats with these dogs, and sometimes they eat them! What we're looking for are people who'd fit our team well ...
    • Inbound Sales Representative - Must Love Dogs
      Top Dog Sales Center Reno, NV, USA
      You'll be talking with dozens of dog owners each day, consulting with them on their dog's behavior and training needs and scheduling them within our network of dog trainers. Sure, they could get ...
    • Volunteers Wanted
      Positive Energy Dog Training South San Francisco, CA, USA
      I'm looking for people who would like to volunteer hrs hanging out with our dogs who are in school for training in manners, obedience, and socialization from 7 am to 1 pm or 12 pm to 5 pm hrs are ...
    • Dog Walker / Cat Specialist (Downtown / South Lake Union)
      Little Furry Things Seattle, WA, USA
      Professional dog walker with the ability to also care for cats * Dog walking area: Various areas ... Follow the client provided care instructions including training preferences * Provide detailed and ...
    • Dog Groomer
      The Canine Culture Stockton, CA, USA
      The Canine Culture, voted Best of San Joaquin year after year, offers boarding, grooming and training services exclusively for dogs. We are looking for an experienced all-breed dog groomer to join ...
    • Doggie Daycare Attendant
      Canoga Pet Resort Los Angeles, CA, USA
      Doggie Daycare Attendant Dog Daycare / Kennel looking for full-time and part-time dog handlers attendants. Must have experience in handling dogs, dog training is a plus. We are looking for reliable ...
      Pup E-Club Melville, NY, USA
      With our vast knowledge of grooming and training, we bring special talents for a dog grooming client. Days, Nights & Weekend Shifts available with an excellent compensation program. Must be ...
    • Mill Creek Area Dog Walker - Part Time
      Tailored Pet Services Bothell, WA, USA
      Our long-established (started in May 2011), busy dog walking company is looking for our next team ... We also invest heavily on training for our team members, because we believe in YOU! * You will not ...
    • Dog Walker - Military Veterans
      Tailored Pet Services Bothell, WA, USA
      Our long-established (started in May 2011), busy dog walking company is looking for our next team ... We also invest heavily on training for our team members, because we believe in YOU! * You will not ...
    • House Sitter Dog Walker
      DOG WALKERS WANTED: JOIN OUR ANIMAL CARE REFERRAL NETWORK SoulMates Animal Care Referral Network ... Professional training/experience with animal care * Provide or be willing to undergo a background ...
    • Dog Walker
      Bliss Bound Hound Oakland, CA, USA
      We are a full scale dog care company that provides walking, training, grooming, wellness care and boarding. We use proprietary technology including an app and a behavior matching tool developed by us
    • Afternoon Private Dog Walker - Puppy Taxi Driver
      Sniff and Go LLC San Francisco, CA, USA
      Private walks are safer, private walks keep training consistent and they are simply more fun! We are searching for a dog walker to add to our growing employee-based team. To be considered, you must ...
    • Professional Dog Walker
      Dog Tired Adventures Danville, CA, USA
      Training and tools to ensure a positive walking experience for both yourself and the pup * Work in ... Free dog kisses and smiles (likely the best part of the job!) RESPONSIBILITIES & DUTIES: * Drive to ...
    • Dog handler
      Green Acres K-9 Resort Boring, OR, USA
      Job Description We are a family-owned and operated Dog Boarding, Daycare business. We offer indoor and outdoor, field and stream socialization, and private dog care and grooming. We believe in the ...
    • Special Dog Walker for Special Dogs
      Sniff and Go LLC San Francisco, CA, USA
      After the training / probationary period is complete, normally about two weeks with a passing test score, our dog walkers at Sniff and Go average at $21.50 per hour plus tips, bonuses for new client ...
    • Cat Sitter and Dog Walker
      Jan's Pet Sitting San Mateo, CA, USA
      Training that will benefit you and your relationship with dogs and cats for a lifetime * Employment with our company vs. contracting positions like on-demand dog walking apps * Work as a dog walking ...
    • Dog handler
      All About Dogs Duvall, WA, USA
      Job includes: scooping fields, dog group supervision, cleaning rooms, interacting with customers, ability to lift water buckets and bags of food, be okay working with others or alone. We work outside ...
    • Weekend Cat Sitter / Dog Walker
      Jan's Pet Sitting San Mateo, CA, USA
      Since 1996, Jan's Pet Sitting has been performing award-winning dog walking and pet sitting ... Follow the client provided care instructions including training preferences * Provide detailed and ...
    • Mobile Dog Groomer Bethel, CT
      Canine Company Bethel, CT, USA
      Each dog receives one-on-one care in a stress-free environment. Additional duties will include ... Superior paid training in pet first aid and sales * Excellent benefits including health insurance ...
    • Dog Walker & Pet Sitter (Cave Creek)
      Paws & Claws Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Services Cave Creek, AZ, USA
      In the field support Paid Training including Pet First Aid and CPR Certification Growth ... Make like a dog with a bone and apply to the right! Can't wait to meet you! Job Description
    • Kennel Assistant
      Hair of the Dog LLC Anchorage, AK, USA
      Transport dogs to and from business via pet taxi service. * *The company reserves the right to add or change duties at any time. Job Qualifications * Education: Training through state-approved ...
    • Field Manager - Dog Walking Company
      Citizen Hound Llc San Francisco, CA, USA
      ... training. Apply today and grow your daily happiness as well as your professional skills! General ... Dog sitting opportunities easily add over $1k per month. With
    • Dog Play Group Leader
      Canine Corral Dog Daycare San Jose, CA, USA
      Dawna Caldwell, CPDT-KA is the CEO and is a 25-year veteran dog trainer specializing in dog behavior problem cases (through her company Happy Tails to You Dog Training) and educates her team to ...
    • Dog Daycare Handler/Driver (DL Required)
      Vicki's Little Rascals Petcare San Carlos, CA, USA
      You have experience with dogs as a dog walker, doggy daycare attendant, vet staff, petsitter, groomer, dog trainer or some variation. Or at least, as a dedicated owner who treats their Rascal like ...
    • Dog Walker Pet Sitter
      BAY AREA PET PALS San Mateo, CA, USA
      We also provide training, pet CPR and first aid certification. * We are not an on-demand pet ... Available for dog walks and cat sit visits at a minimum from Monday through Friday, from ...
    • Dog Play Group Manager
      Vicki's Little Rascals Petcare San Mateo, CA, USA
      : GROWING OUR TEAM OF PROFESSIONAL DOG LOVERS Apply today to be a Rascal Wrangler at Peninsula's most ... Our Rascal Wranglers enjoy offer high salaries, on-the-job training, leadership opportunities, and ...
    • Front Desk Manager
      Royal Dog Academy Los Angeles, CA, USA
      We are looking for a Manager Assistant to manage our reception area as well as all our facility activities, including responding to calls, scheduling different types of reservations for dog training ...
    • Class C-Driver and Dog Walker
      Top Dog SF San Francisco, CA, USA
      Top Dog SF offers a successful training program to help bulid your skillset and confidence level with dogs. You also do not need to worry about using an app on your phone to accept work that ...
    • Dog Daycare Counselor
      Loyal Companion Bethesda, MD, USA
      We are professionally committed to being your resource for all aspects of pet ownership including health and nutrition, training, grooming and the latest in general pet care. Dog Daycare Counselor is ...
    • Dog Poop Scooper
      Doo Care Lombard, IL, USA
      Job descriptionEdit Doo Care, the Chicagoland areas premier dog waste management company is looking ... Must also be able to work independently as you will be on your own after the initial training ...
    • Senior Software Backend Generalist
      Companion Labs San Francisco, CA, USA
      This position works closely with the Product, Animal Behavior and Engineering teams to deliver high quality software that runs in the cloud and on the Automated Dog Training and Engagement hardware ...
    • Retail Store Manager - Oakland North - Telegraph Ave.
      Pet Food Express Oakland, CA, USA
      Network with the community and further our relationships with rescues, dog trainers, pet professionals and community leaders. Learn + Teach * Develop your team to exceed store productivity goals as ...
    • DOG LOVERS! Dog Daycare Playroom Attendant
      Pup Up Hooray Lake Forest, CA, USA
      Offering daycare, boarding, training, and grooming services to the Saddleback Valley, we pride ourselves in being the next evolution in dog care with a safe and enriching program. We are seeking ...
    • New Client Coordinator and Scheduling Admin Assistant
      Frolic Pet Services City of Des Moines, WA, USA
      We do it all Dog walking, pet sitting, in home overnight care, transportation services, dog training, as well as private boarding and daycare, just to name a few! Our team of pet-loving employees ...
    • Transit Trainer
      Via Mobility Boulder, CO, USA
      The ability to bring your dog to work with you! * A role where you can grow and put your innovative skills to work Duties / Responsibilities As a Transit Trainer, you will train, certify, and ...
    • Delivery Associate Devil Dog Delivery Llc Your Boss Is Going to Miss You Devil Dog Delivery, LLC...
      Devil Dog Delivery, LLC Sturtevant, WI, USA
      ... available Paid Training Starting compensation of $16 per hour increases based on experience ... Devil Dog Delivery, LLC. partners with Amazon to deliver Amazon Prime packages in the greater ...
    • Pet Care Specialist (10a-4pm, M-F) West
      Executive Pet Services, LLC Cleveland, OH, USA
      Dog Trainers ** FORMER Wag and FORMER Rover walkers (ask us about this!) ... and One Ring Boxer! As you can see, as long as you have a pet-loving heart - this job appeals to ALL walks of life :) Here ...
    • Dog Wrangler - Supervisor
      Urban Dog Playcare Los Angeles, CA, USA
      The Supervisor - Dog Wrangler will work within a team setting to oversee the health, well-being ... We provide daycare, training and boarding services.
    • Cook - Hiring Bonus $250.00
      Lucky Dog Casino Shelton, WA, USA
      Certificate of Culinary Arts training preferred. LANGUAGE SKILLS Must be able to read, write, speak ... DRUG FREE WORKPLACE The Lucky Dog Casino is a drug free work environment.
    • Lead Development\Telemarketing
      BIG HAIRY DOG Sacramento, CA, USA
      Big Hairy Dog is known worldwide for exhaustive planning, implementation, training and ongoing support. It starts from the top: founders Mick and Sandy Malaney insist on being available to customers ...
    • Software Technician
      BIG HAIRY DOG Sacramento, CA, USA
      Big Hairy Dog is known worldwide for exhaustive planning, implementation, training and ongoing support. It starts from the top: founders Mick and Sandy Malaney insist on being available to customers ...
    • Mechanic Assistant - Red Dog Mine
      Lynden Incorporated Red Dog, AK, USA
      Training will be provided on operation of company skid steer/pick-ups * Maintains housekeeping in ... The Red Dog Mine is a remote location with rotational schedules. Lodging and meals are provided to ...
    • App Developer IOT, Full Stack
      High Tech Pet Products Ventura, CA, USA
      ... dog training collars. High Tech Pet is the leading innovator, bringing you new, useful pet technologies to improve the quality of your pet's life, and yours!
    • Dog Boarders Wanted ASAP for Manhattan Beach
      Melissa's Mutt Hutt Manhattan Beach, CA, USA
      Looking for a dog walkers/dog boarders /pet sitters (each weekend, and every Holiday) to add to our ... Unlimited training * Liability insurance and bonding for your protection. * Weekly pay
    • Landscape Specialist
      Rain Dog Designs Gig Harbor, WA, USA
      Rain Dog Designs is looking for a self-motivated outdoor enthusiast who aspires to help protect the ... Some experience with hand tools and landscape training desirable. Veteran experience is desirable
    • Director of Dog Food Production / Dog Food Scientist
      Advanced Canine Systems Thousand Oaks, CA, USA
      Our world-class handlers & training staff are always here to provide the very best of care for your ... The Director of Dog Food Production will provide expertise and leadership in the commercialization ...
    • Manager
      Dan's Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Port Washington, NY, USA
      Must Love Dogs (and other pets too)! Tired of your boss barking at you? How about working with a ... training and are all fully bonded and insured. We're in the peace of mind business! We are ...
    • Activity Leader
      Dog Tired K9 Activity Center Anchorage, AK, USA
      Duties include individual dog enrichment activities and training, group play supervision, and more. Prior experience preferred. WHY YOU SHOULD WORK FOR US We are an established company that invests ...
    • Dog Daycare Assistant Manager
      Dogtopia of Deer Park Barrington, IL, USA
      Extensive training is provided for this position. If you are a leader among people and LOVE dogs and caring for them, then this IS the role for you. ABOUT YOU * You love dogs and would love managing ...
    • Dog Shuttle Driver / Adventure Walker
      Top Dog SF San Francisco, CA, USA
      Top Dog SF offers a paid training program to help you build your skillset and confidence level with dogs. You do not need to worry about using an app on your phone to accept work to determine your ...
    • Bartender - Hiring Bonus $250.00
      Lucky Dog Casino Shelton, WA, USA
      May assist in cross-training in applicable Food and Beverage areas. Meet attendance guidelines by ... DRUG FREE WORKPLACE The Lucky Dog Casino is a drug free work environment. Employees may be tested ...
    • Pet Trainer I
      National Veterinary Associates Las Vegas, NV, USA
      As a specialist in dog behavior and learning theory, works hands-on with pets and pet parents to lead engaging classes and instructional sessions. Teaches classes for a variety of dog breeds, sizes ...
    • Digital Marketing Director - North America
      Tomofun | Furbo Dog Camera Seattle, WA, USA
      *This is a remote work from Seattle* 【About the role】 Do you love dogs more than humans? We're ... Internal training workshop and external training subsidy for you to expand your skill set and ...
    • Pet Services / Pet Retail Sales Shift Lead
      Smelly Dog Phoenix, AZ, USA
      Smelly Dog is a fun and rewarding place to work. If you are outgoing, a hard worker, reliable, and pretty much an awesome person, we want you! Training, competitive pay, a generous employee discount ...
    • Food Safety and Quality Manager
      Wet Noses Natural Dog Treat Company Monroe, WA, USA
      ... your dog." We're growing significantly, yet have never wavered from our original commitment to ... safety training programs, standard operating procedures (SOPs), product inspections, and ...
    • Senior Podcast Producer : Must LOVE Dogs
      Dog Podcast Network Wailea, HI, USA
      Dog Podcast Network - DPN Dog lovers are a special breed. We have a unique perspective on the world ... Training & Development * Work From Home
    • SCUBA Certified Diver
      Salty Dog Dive Service Santa Barbara, CA, USA
      Must be SCUBA certified, specific job training is provided. Boating and marine experience a plus. Candidates with commercial diving certification a plus.
    • Cook I
      Guide Dogs For The Blind Inc San Rafael, CA, USA
      ... training with their guide dog. We'll expect you to prepare meals that meet the nutritional needs of our clients and guests, but also taste great. Responsibilities include maintaining an awareness of ...
    • Executive Director
      National Assistance Dogs, inc. Phoenix, AZ, USA
      This role is a critical key to success of the organization and is primarily responsible for breeding, whelping, care of future assistance dogs, as well as training, and placement. All programs that ...
    • Bring your dog to work! - Customer Service Representative
      Vitavet Labs Inc Westlake Village, CA, USA
      We provide training so whether you are experienced or new to the workforce, you can succeed with us ... Would you like to work in a fun but fast paced call center where employees can bring their dogs to ...
    • Chief Philanthropy Officer
      Guide Dogs for the Blind San Rafael, CA, USA
      Guide Dogs for the Blind (GDB) Since 1942, Guide Dogs for the Blind (GDB) has been creating ... All the services for our clients are provided free of charge, including personalized training and ...
    • Dog Groomer Pet Stylist
      Centrum Jobs Longmont, CO, USA
      Dog Groomer Pet Stylist - Happy Hounds We are looking for a talented professional groomer to join our team this fall, at our current location and make the move with us in the spring to our new ...
    • RN Instructor for CNA Training Program | S. Seatt area |Feel-good Miss
      NextStep Interactive South Seattle, WA, USA
      Provide in-person training to our CNA learners in our Portland practice lab * Prepare learners for ... Dog-friendly office * Beautiful Pioneer Square location * Part of vibrant Pioneer Square Labs ...
    • Dog Groomer
      Lipstick & Paws Las Vegas, NV, USA
      Dog and Cat, both preferred * Proof of work * Knows breeds and breed cuts * Ability to work with big, small, senior and/or difficult dogs * Has their own tools * Able to check-in/out dogs and ...
    • Dog Groomer
      LaunderPet and Wags to Whiskers Torrance, CA, USA
      Smile at, greet and thank each customer and safely greet each dog and cat.Ensure that each pet in the store's care receives the highest quality care and that kennels, when used to house pets, are ...
    • Yard Dog
      Domino's Aurora, CO, USA
      Attend scheduled safety, team meetings and training sessions (30%) Complete Necessary Paperwork * Maintain DVCR booklets * Comply with DOT log regulations * Accountable for the vehicle and product
    • Experienced Dog Groomer
      Shaggy Shack Pet Resort and Spa LLC Spanaway, WA, USA
      Experienced dog groomer needed ASAP. Full time must be able to do 7-8 per day. 50/50 commission split. Built in clientele busy groom shop at Shaggy Shack Pet Resort & Spa. email resume to tonya ...
    • Pizza Fast Food Team Member
      Bird Dog Management Group Llc Los Angeles, CA, USA
      On the job training will be provided, but pizza fast-food experience will be helpful. Start today. Please send direct contact phone number for consideration. Papa John's. Better Ingredients. Better ...
    • Full Stack Developer
      Team Red Dog Seattle, WA, USA
      The benefits include extensive support in areas of insurance, retirement, training/education, and many other job perks. Whether you're looking for a job that makes a difference, or a way to have more ...
    • Bartender
      Dog Haus Biergarten Houston, TX, USA
      Relevant training certificate
      Colusa Casino Resort Colusa, CA, USA
      TRAINING AND/OR EXPERIENCE: One year in F&B and public relations experience preferred.
      LEXI DOG INC Portland, OR, USA
      Previous grooming experience with dogs. Cats are a bonus Knowledge of breed specific cuts Have your own grooming equipment Ability to manage a safe and clean area The ability to handle dogs of all ...
    • Dog Walker Venice
      Animal Magnetism Los Angeles, CA, USA
      Looking for full time dog walkers to add to our ever-growing team who is interested in making $16-$18 an hour to start. For every member of our amazing team, we provide: Competitive compensation Free ...
    • Dog Groomer
      Sobe Happy Dog BNB Inc Los Angeles, CA, USA
      We are looking for a part time to full time Dog Groomer / Stylist to join our BnB! A qualified candidate will demonstrate knowledge in the grooming and pet industry, have at least one or more year ...
    • Regular dog walker/occasional boarding - 2 dogs
      Sittercity Seattle, WA, USA
      We have 2 small dogs. One is very friendly Kokoni, 5 years old. The other is a 13 year old Chihuahua who can be very temperamental (i.e he can bite although he is very small with small teeth so not ...
    • Dog Groomer
      PNW Grooming Corvallis, OR, USA
      Pet groomers at PNW Grooming do everything from bathing, drying, brushing a dog's hair to cutting their nails, anal glands, the occasional phone call, etc. PNW Grooming is a new salon in Corvallis ...
    • Dog Groomer / bather
      Puppy Spa Los Angeles, CA, USA
      ... sizes of dogs. -Cat grooming is not required -You'll be expected to groom minimum of 6 - 8 dogs in an 8 hour work day. We will need groomers willing to work weekdays and weekend shifts. Open ...
    • Experienced Dog Groomer
      Yo Dawg Groom Spot LLC Santa Monica, CA, USA
      We are looking for an experienced dog groomer with the following experience.... Only candidates with the following must have skills will be considered for the position... * Minimum 2 years experience ...
    • Pet Bather / Pet Groomer
      Bark Avenue Pet grooming Tracy, CA, USA
      We are currently seeking motivated Dog Bather/Brusher and experienced Dog groomers to join our team ... Bathers Prefer experienced individuals but will consider training applicants with prior animal ...