Intrastate Truck Driving

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Intrastate Truck Driving

For anyone who is looking for a commercial driver license (CDL) related job and option to consider is intrastate trucking. Intrastate truck driving jobs are deliveries that are loaded, transported and distributed within the same state. Simply put the driver will not cross state lines while handling the specific load they are carrying. For the driver not crossing state lines means less fees and fewer regulations that apply once are driver crosses over into another state.

Right now drivers are in short supply. Companies across the board are looking for reliable drivers and are offering sign on bonuses and other incentives to attract drivers. Getting started as an intrastate driver does have its requirements. For one you definitely need a CDL to be able to legally operate the larger and heavier vehicles you will be responsible for. To drive intrastate loads you will also need to be at least 18 years of age. This makes for a great opportunity to gain some driving experience if you plan to further your career as a truck driver. Most jobs will require no more than a high school diploma or the equivalent. Of course a good clean driving record will also help.

As a driver you can expect to be responsible for the vehicle and loads you are transporting. This means operating your vehicle in a manner which ensures your safety and those around you. Your loads will need to be properly secured to prevent damage to the goods you may be hauling. Depending on the company you work for and the freight you may haul, your route may have you on a normal delivery schedule to the same businesses. In other circumstances your loads may be to different locations on a daily basis. Your job will likely entail the offloading of the merchandise at its destination. Offloading your product may require the use of a forklift, pallet jack or a hand truck. Be prepared to get some exercise on the job.

The benefit of being an intrastate truck driver is that you will be closer to home. Most intrastate driving jobs will allow you to be home every evening. There will be some companies that have deliveries which could require a day or two of overnight stays. Yet, time spent away from home will be minimal compared to an over-the-road (OTR) truck driving job. As a driver you will get to travel and see different parts of the state you drive within. Make the most of it! Take in the nightlife if you have an overnight job. Find the best hidden restaurant and enjoy the local cuisine. If you drive a set route you will likely interact with the same people when making your delivery. Take the time to get to know your clientele. If you deliver to different locations you'll have the opportunity to meet new people. These are great experiences that can make your job more rewarding.

With the demand for drivers so high right now, intrastate truck driving jobs are pretty abundant. In this market there are great opportunities for new drivers. There are also many job options available with so many businesses hiring. Logistics companies, manufacturing companies and local farms are just a few types of businesses employing intrastate drivers. Take advantage of the bonuses and incentives being offered for these driving positions. Good luck with your job search!