Seasonal Campground Host Opportunities

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Seasonal Campground Host Opportunities

If you're an outdoors person looking for seasonal work in the spring and summer, you'll find there are many job opportunities available. One such job is working as a Campground Host. Working as a Campground Host is perfect for retirees traveling with their RV, couples or just pure adventurers looking to take advantage of all nature has to offer. In most cases a Campground Host will be given a designated camping spot where they can then spend the season free of charge in exchange for specified duties around the campground.

Your responsibilities as a Campground Host will vary depending on the campground you are serving. Typical jobs that a Campground Host May be required to perform include:

  • Greeting guests
  • Collection of camping fees
  • Assisting campers with any problems that may arise
  • Occupation and revenue reports
  • Keeping facilities clean including bathrooms and campsites
  • Other light maintenance duties

While the specific campground may have additional responsibilities the above should serve as a general overview of typical duties. Working hours can be around 20 hours per week and still allow for time to enjoy your surroundings. It's also common for a Campground Host to provide their own housing which could be an RV, travel trailer or just a tent if you prefer. Be sure to check the campground you are applying for to insure they have the necessary hookups needed for the living arrangements. You may have access to electricity, water, phone and/or internet services. These amenities will vary by location so do your due diligence when choosing a location that's right for you.

The benefits of being a Campground Host in most all cases will mainly be site location where you can spend the season at no charge. There are Campground Host positions that do also provide a salary. Earning may be anywhere from $200 to $500 a month and also generally require additional responsibilities. You may need to provide assistance in a local museum or visitor center. These positions as a Campground Host can be competitive as there is often only one position per campground.

To find opportunities you can first check job boards to see if opportunities exist in your area. Another option is to check with the State Park website in which you wish to apply for. Many states provide information specific to their area and the application process and requirements to qualify. You will likely need to be at least 18 years of age and successful pass a criminal background check. A clean driving record may be a qualification if you'll be utilizing any state or company vehicles.

Many campgrounds will be seasonal operating during the spring into the fall. Your commitment as a Campground Host may be from 30 days to several months. There are campgrounds in warmer climates, like the southwest where campgrounds may be open year round. If this is the ideal way to pass the seasons away, be sure to get your application in early. Happy camping!

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