Working as a Seasonal Fly Fishing Guide

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Working as a Seasonal Fly Fishing Guide

Seasonal jobs come in many different varieties from the job at hand to the location. Regardless if your pursuit is for financial well-being, side money, seeking new adventures or simply doing what you love, there are seasonal job opportunities to meet the needs of the job seeker. In this case, if you're the person who willfully wakes in the wee hours of the morning to head out to your secret fishing hole then a job working as a Fly Fishing Guide might be similar to landing the "big one". I know this ticks the dream job box for some and there are seasonal job opportunities to do just that, lead fly fishing tours.

You can find jobs as a Fly Fisherman Guide at ranches, resorts and even dedicated fishing tour companies. Qualifications will absolutely vary depending on the employer but there are a few things you can do to increase your chance at landing the job. First is experience, it's hard to teach others the art of casting if you've never been fishing yourself. There are college and secondary schooling programs available to learn and become a certified fly fishing guide. The Casting Instructor Certification Program (CICP) is another resource for earning your certification. Having a degree and/or certification shows your future employer you're dedicated to learning and improving your understanding of the sport. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) or basic first aid is often required for these positions. If they are, then be prepared and have your certifications ready when you apply. Any outdoor survival courses should also be conveyed in your resume as well as your guide and customer service experience. As with most jobs you should also expect to have to provide your social security number, show proof of residence and pass a criminal background check.

Fly Fishing Guide jobs do entail more than just casting your line and hoping for a bite. Part of your job is to create that ultimate vacation activity for your customers. Having an outgoing personality and the patience to teach others the skill of fly fishing are good traits for this job. You will be dealing with many personality types and people at all levels of fly fishing experience. Strong communication skills and a hard working mentality are encouraged. You'll spend a lot of time on your feet and transporting fishing gear. You'll likely be giving safety instructions to your group and educating them on the surrounding environment.

Salaries and benefits for a Fly Fishing Guide will vary from one employer to another and the type of business you work for will also play a part in salary. Fly Fishing Guide jobs can average from $30,000 to over $50,000 per year. Working on a ranch or resort you may find these businesses offer additional benefits such as room and board as compensation. If you're able to be flexible and adapt, seasonal job opportunities can be an excellent way to earn a living while doing what you love.

During your employment reach out to others, make friends and build a network. If you're a hard working individual these efforts may be rewarded with an invitation to return the next season. You may also learn about additional seasonal opportunities in which you can continue to earn an income in the off-season. Just remember to always do your job to the best of your ability. This will help build a nice list of references and help to create a well-rounded resume for seasonal job openings.

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