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Seasonal Santa Claus

What's the coolest seasonal job available? Playing Santa Claus, of course. This job isn't for everyone as you need to look and fit the part but can be so rewarding. There is actually a lot that goes in to getting a job as a seasonal Santa; appearance, commitment to play the part, marketing yourself, love for children and Christmas. Read further to see what it takes to be the ultimate Santa Claus.

There are a few important requirements to be Santa Claus. The first requirement is that you need to look the part. Typically, one is over the age of 50 but certainly not required, carries a jolly St. Nick belly either naturally or through an impressive costume and can grow an inspiring beard. Many Santa Clauses bleach their beards to achieve that truly recognizable white whisker look. Note it's not a necessity to have a natural beard either as there are some great, realistic costume beards available. Second, Santa must be jolly. Even through long hours of working, Santa Claus always have a smile, be able to laugh and project a deep, belly rippling Ho, Ho, Ho. Third, a spectacular suite is essential. Seasonal Santa Clauses must provide their own realistic costume for their events and gigs. Ensure your suit is quality and don't skimp on the belt or boots. Finally, a love for children is essential as this is your largest audience. Ensure you can speak and listen to children, respond to their sometimes interesting questions (Are you the real Santa?, Shouldn't you be at the North Pole?) and handle a frightened child sitting in your lap. Aside from playing the perfect Santa, companies will require you to have a clean background check.

Did you know there is a school for Santa? This is big business. Schools can provide a valuable investment up front to learn tricks of the trade and network with fellow St. Nicks but certainly are not required. Two to three-day seminars, classes and workshops are offered by numerous companies. These schools provide guidance on areas from achieving the perfect Santa Claus appearance, keeping the magic and excitement of your audience, conversating with children, maximizing referrals or repeat business to handling long hours for mall gigs and unexpected situations. Some schools even offer Santa sign language classes. Don't be discouraged if you don't have a school in your hometown as many schools travel and are offered at several locations around the country and throughout the year.

Seasonal Santa's don't need to limit themselves to working at shopping malls. There are other opportunities with corporate and community events as well as private home parties. It's very helpful if you're registered with a company that specialized with booking live entertainment. There may be a membership fee but registering with such a company can be essential in securing a seasonal Santa job. There's a large number of Santa Claus' trying to lock in their seasonal income. It's also important to note that many Santa jobs are booked for the season by October so don't wait to register with a booking company or inquire locally about the seasonal openings.

While I'm sure you're looking to play Santa Claus for the rewarding aspects of the job, seasonal Santa's do get paid. Pay can range depending on the gig. A mall Santa can earn around $6,000 to $8,000 over the entire Holiday season where private events may pay $8,000 to $10,000 for 60-90 hours of work at various events. Pay typically is based on location, type of event and business.

Whether you're looking for supplemental income through the Holiday season or searching for a rewarding opportunity, Seasonal Santa Claus may be for you. Either way, this position will guarantee bringing joy to you and the clientele you interact with throughout the Holiday season.

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