Ski Lift Operator

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Ski Lift Operator

Your local ski resorts just received 4 feet of new snow last night. People will be flocking to the mountains to be the first to ski or snowboard on that fresh powder. The ski lifts will be packed and that's where you come in. These resorts and ski parks will need staff to operate their ski lifts. If you enjoy working in a fast paced environment and don't mind the elements, then a Ski Lift Operator job may be a perfect way to spend the season.

Most often you will need to be at least 18 years of age to work as a Ski Lift Operator. Some employers may require you be at least 21 years old. Possessing A high school diploma, or the equivalent, and a criminal background check are also common requirements when applying for a position working as a Ski Lift Operator. When preparing your resume and during the interview session be sure to mention other skills and experience you have to make you the ideal candidate. List you skiing or snowboarding experience level and be honest. Just because you don't ski or snowboard doesn't mean you won't be hired. Working a ski lift is a very customer service oriented job so include any customer service experience. If you have other education or certifications that would benefit the position be sure to make them known. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certification or has schooling in basic first aid can be beneficial.

Your duties as a Ski Lift Operator will include many tasks that will begin before the first skiers or snowboarders arrive. Snow and ice buildup will need to be removed and managed before customers arrive and throughout the day. This manual labor process requires and individual to be able to shovel snow and spread a deicer. A thorough check of the ski lift will need to be performed prior to any passengers riding. If there is a problem, the Ski Lift Operator will notify a Ski Lift Technician to perform the necessary repairs. A Ski Lift Operator will also interact with the customers by checking tickets and assisting skiers and snowboarders on and off the lifts safely. You deal with many types of personalities so have a positive attitude and good interpersonal communication skills will come in handy. Strong attention to detail is required when operating the ski lift. As passengers are loading and unloading there are potentials for people falling. As a Ski Lift Operator you will need to communicate with other Ski Lift Operators to safely bring the lift to a stop. In the event of an injury in your area you will need to contact Ski Patrol to assist the injured person or people.

Compensation can vary for a Ski Lift Operator in the form of salary and benefits. The pay rate for a Ski Lift Operator will typically be near the minimum wage range for your area or slightly above. There very well may be other benefits that may be included with the job that make this job more appealing. It's not uncommon for a resort or Ski Park to offer its employees discounted or even free passes to ski and snowboard. Additional benefits may include access to other resorts or ski parks at a reduced rate. If you're inexperienced, some locations even offer free skiing or snowboarding lessons. Honestly the list goes on including discounted snow gear and, in some cases, even lodging accommodations. All of the above are great perks if your employer offers them.

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