Working as a Seasonal Wrangler

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Working as a Seasonal Wrangler

If you're comfortable riding horses and looking for seasonal work there are opportunities for wranglers across the country. As winter turns to spring vacationers seek new adventures. Such destinations are resorts, lodges, and ranches where individuals have a host of activities to choose from and guided horseback tours are a popular choice. If you have experience riding horses and possess the right skills you may be able spend your spring and summer riding the trails.

Depending on your potential employer, there may or may not be any formal education requirements. Although having been schooled in various riding styles will increase your chances at landing a job. A certification from the Dude Ranchers' Association (DRA) or attending a Wrangler School are also excellent ways to gain the knowledge for this type of job. Many employers are going to be looking for candidates with prior horseback riding experience. You will need to demonstrate that you are comfortable riding a horse, have the ability to work with and manage horses and work with individuals that have a wide range of horseback riding experience. Since you will potentially be working with inexperienced riders your communication skills and safety first attitude will be important aspects of the job. In addition, certifications such as Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) or basic first aid are often required skills to have and should be shared on your resume and during the interview process. So be prepared and have these documents ready. You will also likely have a background check performed by your employer to verify your character.

Wrangler jobs do differ and may be primarily horseback tours or you may be working a cattle ranch. You might be guiding small groups on short day trips or working with other Wranglers on multi day days with larger groups. Be sure when applying for a position you are comfortable with the specific job requirements. Expect to perform some physical labor both caring for and preparing the horses for you expeditions. Your services may also include other odd jobs around the facility. You'll have to work hard yet the benefits of trail riding and leading tours are exciting aspects of the job.

There are many public and private ranches, lodges and resorts around that hire seasonal Wranglers. Compensation for these positions will of course vary depending on your location, type of facility you work for and the job duties you perform. On average a Wrangler can earn $25,000 to $38,000 per year and based on experience. Your position may offer a bonus or even tips which will also help to increase your salary. Be sure to read the job description carefully and determine if there are other amenities of the job such as room and board, insurance and paid time off.

You'll need to be a people person as you'll be providing a customer service. Having excellent interpersonal communication skills are important for both customer enjoyment as well as safety. Work hard, make friends, learn from experienced Wranglers and expand your network. This may help finding other positions or getting a call back for the next season. Now it's time to throw on the hat, saddle up and find that perfect Wrangler job.