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Sports Announcer Jobs

If you're looking for a career in the sports industry but not necessarily as a player on the field, consider a career as a Sports Announcer, also known as a Sports Broadcaster or a Sportscaster. Becoming a Sports Announcer will take time and hard work as the field is rather competitive. If you're dedicated to pursuing a career in Sports Announcing, the competitiveness of the business shouldn't hold you back. Rather let that inspire you to gain the education and experience you need to hit the big leagues.

If you have played or currently play any sports, this can prove as good background. You can begin developing additional skills necessary for a sportscaster job in high school by taking courses in journalism. Most all employers are going to be looking for candidates that have achieved a bachelor degree. A strong focus on broadcasting journalism and communication will provide the education to help get you on the right path. Beyond the general education requirements in mathematics and sciences, courses geared towards on and off camera reporting, news writing, media laws and ethics, broadcasting technology, interpersonal communication and creative writing are important. Working with a college counselor to develop a guideline of classes can be beneficial.

As you are working towards your degree, look for internship opportunities or apprentice training jobs that will help you get a feel for the job at hand. You may find opportunities to work at the college radio station or announcing college sports games. Local television stations are another great option to gain hands on training. Watching other Sportscasters on the job and learning tips of the sports announcing business will help develop practical experience. These jobs or internships will also be a good way to start networking within the business.

Other important aspects of becoming a Sports Announcer will include a general understanding of the sports in which you will be covering. If you've played the sport you already have a head start. Continue to attend games, read up on the sport and pay close attention to the Sports Announcers that are calling the game. You can also practice your announcing skills on your own. Record a game and turn down the volume and create your own commentary. During this time hopefully you will determine which media outlet best suits your skills.

There are Sports Announcer jobs in television, radio and Internet and each require slightly different techniques to be successful. There are also varying types of sports commentary which also require different skill sets. A play-by-play announcer is the primary individual speaking during the broadcast. This is the main Sportscaster providing details of the sport being covered. This role requires an individual to follow the fast pace of the sporting event while providing a thorough description of the game, detailed individual plays and/or moments. As a radio Sportscaster you need to be able to communicate the ongoing of the sporting event in a way the listener can be engaged and follow along without watching.

Other types of Sportscaster jobs available are analysts or color commentators. These individuals are responsible for providing all of those facts and analytics of the sport and players. What strategy a team may be using, who had the fastest qualifying time or which athlete set a new record. In this position you often work alongside the main or play-by-play commentator.

Find your niche and develop your commentary skills. Have personality and hone your speaking abilities. Find opportunities to work with other Sportscasters. Volunteer to announce sports games for local high schools and build your resume of achievements. It won't be easy to break into the large sporting events as a Sports Announcer. As you continue to build your resume of sports announcing positions keep searching for other opportunities. A Sports Announcer job salary will vary a lot depending on who you are working for. A Sports Announcer on average makes around $40,000 a year. Although the top Sports Announcers are making well over 6 figures a year. So be diligent and stay focused on what your ultimate career goals are.