Work as a Certified Professional Cuddler

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Work as a Certified Professional Cuddler

Yes, you read the title correctly. There are a handful of companies popping up across the country offering professional cuddling services. Let's make one thing very clear up front. These are not sexual based cuddle sessions. These are simply platonic meetings that allow for an individual to feel the love and intimacy they desire without sexual obligations or relationship commitments. This is not a new concept either. For many years there have been services in Japan in which an individual can "rent" a middle aged man for various companionship services.

You might be wondering who would use a cuddle service. Actually the client base is really across the board. You have individuals that seek the touch and affection from another person but may shy away from traditional dating services. Maybe it's just the desire to share a meal with someone while holding hands. There are professional business men and women who simply don't have the time for a committed relationship. Individuals who may have grown up having never received affection or someone with a disability look for platonic interaction. Maybe it's just to catch a movie or just have someone to listen to them. There are plenty of reasons why individuals seek these cuddly services.

To get started it's highly suggested that you check the laws in your state to ensure the services you are performing are within the law. These services often fall under massage therapy and there are often touching guidelines that professionals must abide by. If you find the laws are unclear you may want to consult with a lawyer as to the legality of your services. It should also be noted that this is a growing service industry and currently there are no official licenses or certifications necessary to be a cuddle partner. Yet as with any profession the more knowledge and experience you have will benefit you, your business and your clients overall satisfaction.

It's not difficult to start your own cuddling business or work for a company that provides these services. Yet, there are significant benefits seeking out the proper training and to acquire reputable certifications. Being this is a newer business there are only a couple companies offering Cuddle Certifications. Please do your due diligence and research these companies before signing up. What makes them experts in this business? Check credentials, ask questions and verify their standards of service and professional guidelines for you the cuddle provider as well as expectations from clients. Look over the certification process. Confirm you will receive the proper training and instruction. You should expect required reading material, client interviewing practices, touching methods and cuddle positions that create intimacy, acceptable behavior, communication and listening skills, observation of sessions with feedback, professional behavior training, safety/security processes and procedures. You may even be required to pass an exam based on your training to acquire your certification.

To be a cuddle partner you should be at least 18 years of age. In addition personal attention to self-care will be an important aspect of your success. You will be in situations where the client may just want to talk so being able to just listen and be compassionate are traits that will benefit your cuddle business. Other clients may want to converse so enthusiasm and social skills will help in these circumstances. Essentially an open mind and the ability to adapt to a client's needs are all part of the business. Beyond that you should also be confident and not afraid to say "no" to any inappropriate behavior and adhere to the guidelines of your services.

Typical cuddle sessions will last 15 minutes to 5 hours. As a professional certified cuddle partner you will often set your own rates. It's not uncommon for a cuddle professional to charge $60.00 per hour for local sessions and in excess of $80.00 for travel sessions. If the session requires travel, you may also want to include travel expenses to the client's location if it exceeds a general location threshold. So if you're gushing unconditional love and desire to share that with others it's time to get your cuddle on!