Telephone Nurse

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Telephone Nurse

Becoming a telephone nurse can be a very lucrative position with the flexibility to work from your own home. Many companies are pursuing at home qualified nursing candidates to fill telephone nursing triage positions. The use of a telephone nurse can reduce hospital visits and readmission, allowing patients to take care of routine medical issues without a doctor's visit or trip to an urgent care clinic. Telephone Nurses listen to a patient's symptoms and provide guidance regarding medical care. There are many available opportunities that allow someone to work from home while providing case management, authorizing treatment and patient education.

To become a telephone nurse, a nursing or medical degree is required. These opportunities are for qualified people who wish to have the flexibility to work from home. Telephone triage is an involved process where you will identify a patient's issue, assess the level of urgency, and provide advice to the patient over the phone. These positions do not involve making a diagnosis. A telephone nurse will need to provide a referral based on a professionally trained assessment. Referrals are critical to ensure the patient's safety and make certain the patient is seen before symptoms worsen. The most successful telephone nurses will possess proficiency in process understanding, strong clinical knowledge, critical thinking and excellent listening skills. Customer service is a major component in being a telephone nurse.

Pay is competitive with that of an onsite nursing position with a remote nurse making an average of $60,000 annually to even $30 per hour which can translate to significantly increased wages. Position requirements, salary and benefits will depend on the company you work for.

Note there are also opportunities for those still working on a nursing degree to become a case manager or claims representative. Companies such as The Hartford and Medical Services Bureau can provide an option to get a foot in the door for work at home nursing positions.

While a telephone nurse does allow for the flexibility to work from home, there is the potential for long shifts. Working hours can certainly increase during cold and flu season. Sometimes nights and weekends are also required.

As with any work from home job, you will need the appropriate office arrangement. As a telephone nurse, it's best to sit at a desk to allow for quick internet searches and note writing. Background noise needs to be minimal. A reliable computer, high speed internet and headset are a must. While a cell phone could be used, a landline may be required.

Companies such as Humana, Aetna and UnitedHealth Group are occasionally looking for telephone nurses. To search for available positions that meet your needs and qualifications, check out major sites such as and Even if companies are not currently hiring telephone nurses, it's always wise to continue to check back as open positions could become available in the future. Niche sites for nursing and work from home opportunities can provide more available, posted positions. Try, and Reaching out to local hospitals and doctor's offices for openings is also a great option.

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