Fun Apps That Will Get Your Kids Outdoors

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Fun Apps That Will Get Your Kids Outdoors

Trying to get your kids to play outside this Summer? Check out these fun apps that kids can use outdoors.

Geocaching by Groundspeak
If you are not familiar with geocaching, it's very similar to a treasure hunt. Using your phones GPS or a dedicated GPS device, you search for hidden caches. Some caches are simple logs in which you record your name when found. Others contain items that you can take or transfer to another cache. The caches may be placed in a tree, buried in the ground or hidden in plain sight. Younger children will likely require some adult supervision and assistance. Just make sure your kids respect the caches and the game. There is a huge following surrounding geocaching and those that don't play by the rules get frowned upon. There are plenty of caches available on the free version but may require some transportation.

Audubon Bird Guide by National Audubon Society
We always have birds flying through our yard. Some birds are seen regularly while others only occasionally as they are migrating. With the Audubon Bird Guide your kids can easily identify what types of birds are in your neighborhood. Kids can keep track of the bird they see and read details about them using the videos and text descriptions. The guide features over 3000 photos and advanced bird identification features. Challenge your kids to see how many birds they can identify around the house or even on vacation.

SkyView by Terminal Eleven, LLC
This is a great app for identifying stars, constellations, planets and even satellites. The app can be used during day or at night and has elaborate details of constellations. Click on a star and find out just how many light years it is from Earth. See the trajectory of planets and stars. Find where the International Space Station is at any time. You can even track some space debris from previous launches. Click on the information link and you can learn specific details about the objects you identify. It's a lot of fun for kids of all ages.

Magnifier 30X Zoom by Studeo4iOS
Turn your kid's phone into a magnifying glass. This app allows you to zoom in on objects up to 30X its normal size. Zoom in on an ant colony, see the finest details on a butterfly or look in depth at plants and flowers. Use the zoom scrolling feature, turn on your phones flashlight and snap a picture. This is a great app for your future explorer.

PictureThis - Flower and Plant Identification by Glority Software Limited
If your kids are into plants and flowers, this is a must have app. Simply point your camera at the plant or flower and snap a photo. With over 10,000 plant species it shouldn't take long to identify the plant or flower you are viewing. Once you've identified the plant species, detailed information about the plant or flower is included. You can keep track of the plants and flowers identified and even get care tips in the event your children would like to try and grow their own.