Best Free Apps for Every New Parent

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Best Free Apps for Every New Parent

Here you are at home with your new baby boy or girl. If this is your first child these first few hours, days, weeks, and months can be tough on any new parent. There is so much to do and remember that even the most organized parents will become a bit overwhelmed at times. To help ease the initial transition of bringing your new baby home, have a look at these helpful apps to make life a little easier.

What to Expect
If you haven't heard of this series of books it's time you do. Talk about the most dog eared books in our house and it probably has to be this series. Now it's available in an app you can use right on your phone. The What to Expect app will work in the pregnancy stage and offer invaluable support throughout the first year of having a new baby and more. The app provides a pregnancy tracker so you can see how your baby is developing as the weeks go on. Videos, search tools, daily tips and special groups for parenting styles and baby gear. After the new family member has arrived the app will provide insight as to your baby's developmental growth. While all children develop at their own pace, the What to Expect app will help you identify milestones your newborn should be reaching as they grow. When will your baby start crawling, eating solid foods or utter their first words. Every child is different and while the app is an excellent source of information please don't substitute the app for your doctor or pediatrician. Be sure to consult with your doctor or your child's pediatrician if you have developmental questions.

Glow Baby
Feeding schedules, diaper changes and nap times are a few of the things that every new parent should keep track of. With the Glow Baby app you can track and log all of the details and look like the most organized parent in town. Yes, it will actually make life easier and let your brain think about all the other things going on. Inevitably your pediatrician will want to know how often you're feeding and how much your new baby is eating. Even transitioning between parents taking over baby duties this app will let you know everything that has been going on throughout the day. Honestly this was the most useful process we had in place as new parents. While we didn't have the luxury of an app as new parents we did keep track of "everything" on paper; schedules, questions for the doctor and so forth. The free version of the app has much more to offer beyond the simple logging of daily activities such as timers, charts and milestones. Download it and give it a try we think this will help make life a little easier. There is even a paid version for additional features if you feel the need to use the added paid services.

WebMD Baby
Newborn babies will cry for everything initially, it's their only form of communication. Whether they are hungry, tired, over tired, just want to be held, unable to reach a toy or truly sick. WebMD Baby is a fantastic app to have when you need to quickly look up what could be ailing your newborn. When should you start to worry about a rising temperature or how to soothe a baby cutting teeth are questions every new parent may have at some point. These are perfect reasons to have the WebMD Baby app on hand. It's an excellent resource for new parents yet should be treated carefully. Use it as a resource but not an alternative to your child's pediatrician. If you have concerns about your baby's health you should seek professional medical attention first and foremost before relying on an app. The WebMD Baby app does include other features involving baby and toddler care, parenting tips, vaccine information and wellness visit guides to name a few.

Baby Night Light - Sleep Aide
It's been a long day. You're doing the final feeding before you go to bed. Yet this is the one time of day that your newborn never wants to go to sleep. Sometimes it takes a little something extra to calm them down and that's where the Baby Night Light - Sleep Aide app comes in handy. This app is great when you want to play some lullabies for your baby. With cute little animals to choose from and a variety of lullabies your baby will be dosing off in no time. The Baby Night Light - Sleep Aide app will even allow you to import your own music playlist. Other features include the ability to customize background colors, set rotating animations and timers for how long the app should run. If you're so inclined to let it run on a tablet in the nursery there is even a sound detection function that will start the Baby Night Light - Sleep Aide app if your baby starts to wake up or is crying. Hopefully this will be enough to soothe baby right back to sleep.

Sure you can name every wine bar in a 10 mile radius and you know the best places to get your haircut. Although do you know where the nearest family friendly restaurant is or how about the closest park with baby swings? If not, no worries because the Winnie app has got you covered. A quick search on the app and you can find activities, parks, restaurants, diaper changing stations all for you and your baby. You can read reviews and even see photos shared by other parents. The Winnie app also has additional features where you can connect with moms and dads and share tips advice or join online communities on important topics that you are interested in. Join online discussions where you can ask questions and post a reply anonymously. Get tips and ideas on handling different parenting aspects for kids of all age. Regardless if you're seeking out destinations, looking to connect and share with other parents or just get some general insight into this whole parenting thing then the Winnie app will come in handy.