Fun Family Activities for the Winter Months

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Fun Family Activities for the Winter Months

It's winter! No need to be stuck at home getting cabin fever all season. Break out the winter coats, gloves, scarves and head out for some fun family wintertime activities.

Skiing or Snowboarding
If you're already a family that skis or snowboards together then you know the drill. Although if you're a newbie, take skiing or snowboarding lessons as a family. If it's everyone's first time on the slopes you'll all be starting from the same beginning point but do be prepared for a learning curve. Grab some lunch at the lodge, exchange snow stories and head back out for the slopes. Again for first timers take it slow and easy. Stay on the beginning slopes until you have a good understanding of how to control your skis or snowboards.

Snowmobile Riding
Another fun family outing is snowmobile riding. This is a lot of fun for experienced and non-experienced riders alike. If you already have some experience riding snowmobiles you shouldn't have too much trouble finding machines to rent for a few hours. For new riders you may want to look for snowmobile tours. Often these guided tours will include an explanation of how to ride and control your snowmobile. Some snowmobiles are single riders while others are double riders. If you're with younger children then have them ride along with an adult. Some tours will offer snowmobiles suitable for younger riders.

That's right, just some good old sledding to pass the winter days away. This one is pretty easy if you have snow and good hills nearby. Otherwise there are plenty of snow parks across the country where you can go and rent sleds or inner tubes. If you can't find a snow park look for a good hill that is located a safe distance from the road and make your own sledding run. Bring a lunch and make a day of it.

Go Ice Skating
Time to lace up the skates and hit the ice. Ice skates can be tricky the first time you stand on the ice. You can always take some beginners lessons as a family to improve your ice skating abilities. Once you get the hang of it you'll be flying around the ice rink in no time. It can be a fun and different way to spend time as a family as well as get some good exercise.

Build an Igloo
Take your snow building to the next level and create the ultimate igloo or ice fortress. It's going to take a lot of snow and an assembly line of workers but it can be done. Find the perfect Tupperware to make snow bricks or waterproof an old shoebox. This is where your duct taping skills will shine. Then get to work creating snow bricks to start building your igloo. Have a family member start building the frame and another following behind smoothing out the structure. Of course an intermediate snow ball fight is perfectly acceptable during the building process.

Take a walk. Snowshoes are designed to give you a larger footprint and help prevent sinking in the snow. They are available in different styles and sizes so get a pair for the whole family and begin your trek. Find a local trail or a State Park and start exploring. You might be surprised by the plants and trees you see or the wildlife found during the winter months. At the very least it's great exercise for the whole family.

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