Halloween Safety Tips

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Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is such an exciting and fun time for children. They get to dress up in a costume, school and neighborhood parties, and all those yummy treats. The tips below can help to make sure your Halloween is safe and enjoyable for the entire family.

Comfy Shoes
Children should have comfortable shoes for their trick or treating adventure. Stay clear of any heeled shoes to prevent sore feet and make sure laces are tied to avoid tripping.

Keep Visible
Have your child wear glow wrist bands or reflective tape their costume and trick or treat bag. It may even be fun to incorporate reflective tape into your child's costume (fairy wings, skeleton outline, headbands and hats). Always carry a flashlight to light your way.

Avoid Costume Props
While the plastic swords and wands look cute and complete the ensemble, leave them home if possible. These can become hazards when children are rushing to doors or climbing steps for their next sweet treat. If your child must bring a prop, make sure it's flexible with no sharp points. Warning: Parents usually end up carrying the extra accessories by the end of the evening. :)

Plan your Route
Consider your route in advance to avoid venturing too far from home. Stick to familiar neighborhoods to avoid getting lost.

Check the Candy
Don't forget to sort through their evening loot. Throw away candy that appears open or is not in its' original wrapper.

Short Costume Length
Keep costume dresses and pants short enough to prevent trips and falls.

No Face Masks
Masks can make it difficult to see or breathe. Consider using non-toxic face paint to complete the costume. Masks are also another item a parent ends the night with stuffed under their arm. :)

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