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Refresh Your Living Room Decor on a Budget

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Refresh Your Living Room Decor on a Budget
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Looking to refresh your home decor but don't have unlimited funds? Here are some ideas to help update your living room without breaking the bank.

Replacing furniture is a large expense. When purchasing furniture, I usually look for neutral colors that I will be able to easily update accent colors and accessories for years to come without having to consider replacing. If you haven't also followed this rule of thumb, furniture slipcovers are a much more economical way to change colors or even cover up old stains. There are a lot of different styles of slipcovers today than years ago that collaborates with your decor style and create a modern, traditional, rustic or even industrial space. Stretch slipcovers can create a sleek, modern feel while loose fitting and adjustable tie slipcovers can give a farmhouse or rustic feel.

Furniture Slipcovers
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Another option is to paint existing accessorizing furniture pieces or yard sale finds to add a pop of color or even cover up and neutralize a hue that doesn't work with your new style. Painting is an easy way to refresh scratched, dinged pieces that you would have considered tossing on the next trash day. You can also find some inexpensive accent furniture at various low-cost chains, mixing with your existing furniture, to add flair. Change out your coffee table, paint side tables or add small double ottomans as extra seating.

Accent Furniture
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My favorite budget friendly trick to quickly update or change the color of room decor is replacing throw pillows. There are so many unique and fun pillows to add that pizzazz to any room. This is also a way to change a room color theme seasonally. If you're into to staying up with the trendy decor, this is also a very simple method to a quick refresh. Adding a coordinating throw blanket gives a nice cozy effect and can add a pop color in a neutral space. There are so many inexpensive options that you won't cringe when replacing within a year as your tastes or the trends change.

Throw Pillows
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Everyone has their own personal tastes; some prefer to keep accessories simple and others love to fill rooms with lots of small items. Unique decor accessories can add fun and interest to a room and you don't need to pay top dollar. Baskets, candle holders, lamps and decorative pieces are simple ways to liven and refresh your room. I like to pick pieces that I really love so they'll last longer rather than satisfy the current trend. Although, if you really like the piece and it's trendy, don't shy away. It's most important that you enjoy looking at these decorative pieces since you'll be living with it. Mix old pieces with a few new items, use those old baskets stored in the closet to hold coasters and plants, vases to hold sand and collected seashells or add a new inexpensive unique lighting.

Decor Accessories
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Wall decor and art provides focal points, areas of interest or accents that can coordinate room colors with throws, pillows and rug hues. You can create a wall gallery mixing frame prints and unique wall decor such as metal pieces or wall baskets. Oversized clocks are still popular and can be found almost everywhere at a reasonable cost of well under $100. Again, mix old with new and look for inexpensive items at discount chains, garage sales and clearance shelves. Use your existing frames and add artsy greeting cards to display as art.

Wall Decor and Art
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Decorating doesn't need to be expensive. Pace your budget, update your own pieces and look for amazing pieces at discount prices.

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