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Valentine's Day Ideas

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Valentine's Day Ideas

Need some ideas for Valentine's Day? Here are a few suggestions on what to do and gift ideas for your loved one. Whether you're on a budget or looking to splurge, there a many romantic options to celebrate the day with your partner.


Wine tasting
Whether you're a wine connoisseur or a newbie, wine tasting can be a fun and romantic experience for couples. Wineries are located across the US so this is an activity you should be able to find most anywhere. Take a tour of the winery, dine at a local restaurant or on the winery grounds and stay the night nearby. If a winery is not available close by, many local restaurants may provide tasting rooms to sample wines from various regions.

Make your own chocolates
For the chocolate lovers, tour a local chocolate shop and sample sweet treats. Some shops provide chocolate lessons or classes where you experience the magical chocolate making process. Get your hands dirty and make your own delectable creation.

Spa day
Looking for a relaxing retreat? This can be a sensual, romantic experience. Treatments may include time alone in a rose-petal-strewn tub, a bottle of Champagne with strawberries and chocolate, and lounging time by a fire. Couple messages are available at many local spa locations.

Picnic at sunset
If you're on a budget and weather permitting, enjoy a romantic, candlelight picnic at sunset. Spread a blanket and place a few tea light candles in Mason jars. Pack a bottle of wine, cheese and crackers, and chocolate covered strawberries to snack on while taking in the end of day colors.

Gift Ideas

Jar of Reasons
Express your love with a jar of reasons. Fill a Mason jar with handwritten, affectionate notes. Let your partner know why and what you love about them through single words; dimples, smile, caring, affectionate.

Scavenger hunt
What can be more playful than sending your loved one on a scavenger hunt. Hide red envelopes with love notes, promises or romantic confessions in various places around the house. Lead them to the next hidden location with each find. The grand prize can be a bouquet of roses, box of chocolates to jewelry or even you holding a bottle of Champagne.

Notebook of love
Write letters over the course of the year or just a week. Pages can profess your affections through letters, drawings or poems. Display your confessions in a handmade or store-bought book so your partner can read again and again for eternity.

Gift of you
If you're just looking for a quiet, romantic evening at home, create a sensual setting. While this may seem cliché, it's still very romantic and special. Scatter rose petals, open a bottle of bubbly, light candles and present yourself in his/her favorite attire ;).