The Henge Binge

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The Henge Binge

Get Neolithic your next vacation and check out these Stonehenge replicas across the United States. The real Stonehenge is located in Wiltshire, England and still baffles archeologists and scientists today of its original intended purpose. It's said that those who visit the real Stonehenge sometimes leave with an overwhelming desire to replicate the amazing stone structure. Many businesses and individuals have done their best to replicate this mysterious stone structure throughout the U.S., which may be just as baffling. If you're heading out for a road trip and come across one of these unique roadside Stonehenge replicas be sure to stop and check them out for an extra fascinating vacation experience.

Sun Henge - Waynesville, Ohio
Sun Henge is a relatively newcomer in the U.S. henge collection. Revealed in May 2017, Sun Henge stands at the entrance to Renaissance Park. This henge stands nearly 100 ft. in diameter and is made of wood. While not a true replica of Stonehenge, Sun Henge has four openings pointing in different directions. There are also markers strategically positioned to capture the sunlight during the summer and winter solstices as well as the spring and fall equinoxes.

If you're lucky enough you might be able to catch one of the many events at Renaissance Park. There are the Celtic and Renaissance festivals where you can enjoy food and music in addition to your trek through Sun Henge. There are also special events for the solstices and equinoxes. Be sure to contact Renaissance Park to learn more about admission to the park.

Foamhenge - Centreville, Virginia
Mark Cline created Foamhenge in 2004 to be an exact replica of the original Stonehenge. While not as heavy as the original this replica was made of styrofoam. The structure is properly aligned to capture the summer solstice and each foam block was designed to look like the original.

Mark built this Foamhenge as a tourist attraction. There were many renaissance festivals at its location until 2016. At that time Foamhenge had to be removed as the land had been slated for a park. The structure was relocated to Cox Farm in Centreville, VA. The structure is now on private property but is open to the public during special events. Contact the farm for a list of events to go see Foamhenge.

Stonehenge of Utah - Orem, Utah
Hopefully you are just passing by this monument as it is located on the front lawn of the Stonehenge Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. With the belief that Stonehenge could have been a place of healing, this post-surgery facility has embraced that theme.

This beautiful structure was designed and built by Cory Robison, also an owner of the rehabilitation facility. The structure is approximately 40 percent to scale of the original. The stones used to construct the monument are petrified limestone. The monument is said to weigh in at nearly 200,000 pounds.

Stonehenge Community - Athens, Georgia
Much like the original Stonehenge, this monument stands in a worn and weathered state. Designed for the entrance to a housing community, the structure did not go over well. Eventually in the late 1990's it was relocated to its current location.

Engraved on one of its main lintel stones is the name Stonehenge. Why the community rejected this stone sculpture is a mystery. Why it remains still standing is also a mystery. Yet, heading down The Ave you will quickly find yourself on Heelstone Ave. only a stone's throw from Salisbury Plain Dr.

Bamahenge - Elberta, Alabama
Standing at 104 ft. in diameter and 21 ft. tall, Bamahenge was commissioned by George Barber and created by artist Mark Cline. The monument is positioned to capture the sunlight of the summer solstice. Created out of fiberglass, there are only four different stone molds although each stone replica has been specifically placed in different orientations to give the look that all of the stones are different.

The structure is located near Barber Marina and can easily be accessed by parking along the road and a short walk to the structure. Walk a bit further and you will be treated to another series of Mark Cline sculptures that had been previously created for George Barber.

Mini Garden Stonehenge - Kennewick, Washington
From rose garden to Stonehenge, that's the story of this unique miniature version of the original stone monument. Ed Mays of Kennewick, WA, not sure of what to do with his old rose garden, was inspired to create this mini version of Stonehenge in his front yard garden. Never having visited the original, Ed was intrigued by the structure and built this monument to honor the original builders who did so without the aid of heavy machinery and power tools.

While Ed has added his own unique features to the monument, it's an impressive sculpture that can be seen by all. Keep an eye out for it as you are headed down Kennewick Ave. There are also a few other Stonehenge replicas in Washington to go see, so fill up the gas tank and hit the road.

Stonehenge Replica - Odessa, Texas
This monument was the vision of a citizen group to help draw in visitors and add to the cultural environment of Odessa, TX. The structure is located on the University of Texas campus of the Permian Basin. It is possibly one of the closest replicas to the existing original Stonehenge structure. The henge is the same diameter of the real Stonehenge but is only 19 ft. tall compared to the original at 22 ft.

Made of limestone slabs each weighing in at over 15,000 to 20,000 pounds, the structure was completed in 2004. The monument consists of about 20 limestone slabs and was built in just 6 weeks. One can assume that tractor trailers to haul the stones and cranes to lift them into place made this Stonehenge replica much easier to build than the original.

Basshenge - Birchdale, Minnesota
Completed in 2001, Basshenge was first conceived by Joe Guastafeste and wife Bronte Jornod. Joe, a bassist for the Chicago Symphony, was inspired by the idea and decided to make the idea a reality. The structure consists of 21 cement columns supporting the bass instruments which were cut out of steel. Working with other artists, Guastafeste and his team were able to create a structure approximately 93 ft. in diameter.

The columns stand at 6 to 10 ft. tall and, through the years, the metal bass cutouts have rusted which was all part of Guastafeste's desire. Essentially a masterpiece was created that would blend in to its environment. This unique structure is not marked by any signs and can easily be missed if you're not looking for it.

Longhollow Road Henge - Elizabeth, Illinois
About 10 minutes outside of Elizabeth, IL stands this Stonehenge replica. The henge can be seen from the Longhollow Rd. southwest of Elizabeth. There is very limited information about this Stonehenge replica including who built it and when it was built.

Nevertheless if you are on the henge hunt then this is a must see. It might be the lack of information on its construction that makes this particular Stonehenge replica so interesting. Just goes to show that you never know what you will find traveling the roads of the U.S.

Carhenge - Alliance, Nebraska
It probably goes without saying but no list of henges would be complete without mentioning Carhenge. Located just outside of Alliance, NE, Carhenge was created and built by Jim Reinders and a large group of his family members in 1987. The structure created out of cars and car parts was a memorial for Reinders's father who had passed away in 1982.

Painted in gray spray paint to resemble the stones of Stonehenge, the structure is approximately 96 ft. in diameter. There are a total of 39 vehicles either buried in the dirt or welded in place to create the arches. There are other automotive art sculptures that have been added around the site. This is one henge you'll want to add to your pit stop.

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