Did It Just To Say I Saw It - Unusual Roadside Attractions

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Did It Just To Say I Saw It - Unusual Roadside Attractions

We all grew up hearing about these collections people have gathered or created around the country. We're here to guide you to those infamous locations so that you can experience them first hand. So the next time you're at a dinner party with friends these unique roadside attraction experiences will surely make for great conversation. There's no doubt you'll leave some kind of lasting impression. Remember you need a selfie at every location or your friends may not believe you were there.

World's Smallest Park - Portland, Oregon
Back in 1946 a guy named Dick Fagan was working at the Oregon Journal. Outside was a busy street with an empty 2 foot hole where a light pole was to be installed but it never was. Dick decided to plant some flowers. He wrote a column call Mill Ends and would talk about events at the park. He claimed it as the World's Smallest Park. In 1946 it actually became an official park, named the Mill Ends Park. It was dedicated on St. Patrick's Day. Of course this is the time to break out the photo for proof.

Hole N" The Rock - Moab, Utah
Passing through Moab? Be sure to make a stop at the Hole N" The Rock. Started by Albert Christensen in the 1940's this 5,000 sq. ft. home was carved directly into the sandstone. Originally meant to be a place for his children to sleep, over the next 12 year Albert continued to carve out 50,000 cubic feet of stone. It even has some of the original furnishings used by Albert and his wife Gladys.

World's Largest Ball of Stamps - Boys Town, Nebraska
If you're ever feeling the urge to mail yourself somewhere try Boys Town in Nebraska. You'll want to stop by the Leon Myers Stamp Center to see the world's largest ball of stamps. This massive collection of stamps weighs in at 600 lb., is 32 inches in diameter and consists of over 4 million used stamps. Apparently the project started out of boredom by the Boys Town Stamp Collecting Club. Started in 1953 the club used their excess of lesser valued stamps to affix them to the outside of a golf ball. In only 3 years the ball was completed and is on display for all to see and touch but not lick.

World's Largest Ball of Popcorn - Sac City, Iowa
If you find yourself traveling through Sac City, IA you will want to see the world's largest ball of popcorn. It weighs in at 9,370 lbs. This wasn't even the first popcorn ball created by the community. This new ball is actually the fourth largest popcorn ball the community has crafted since 1995. Sac City lost their crown as the largest popcorn ball to the Indiana State Fair in 2013. Yet this committed town gathered approximately 2,300 pounds of popcorn, 2,500 pounds of dried corn syrup, and 4,900 pounds of sugar, to reclaim their title in 2016.

Giant Hairball - Garden City, Kansas
Since we're on the topic of balls we can't leave out Garden City, KS. It is here that one can get up close with a giant hair ball. The hair ball was extracted from a slaughtered cow at a nearby meat-packing plant. This massive hairball was estimated to weigh nearly 55 pounds when first removed from the cows stomach and still wet. Now dried, it is proudly displayed at the Finney County Historical Museum. Visitors are welcome to touch the ball and believe me you will be surprised by the texture. This is also a completely appropriate time to show the selfie. There is nothing like a good trichophagia story to get the party going.

Smitty's Super Service Station Sandy Hook, Mississippi
Get ready to feel like you're about ready to play Five Nights at Freddy's for real! If you're a fan of the old animatronic shows at your local pizza place then this is a stop for you. Recently moved to a new location and updated, Damon Breland is the man behind this unique collection. Designed to give the feel of being in the pizza parlor balcony, you too can experience The Rock-afire Explosion live in person. Be sure to make an appointment to see the collection.

Blue Flash - Bruceville, Indiana
If you like roller coasters you should go ride the Blue Flash backyard roller coaster. Built by John Ivers who had built the coaster for his grandkids in 2001, it was officially opened to the public in 2005. Anyone can call ahead and make an appointment to ride it. Only the brave will strap into that car seat and let John push you to the chain lift; which for the record is built on the side of his shed. Get ready to barrel down off the shed into a full loop and wrap up in the helix. It should be the most terrifying 10 seconds of your life. A selfie in the loop itself would be epic proof you were there.

The Thing - Dragoon, Arizona
Head towards El Paso, TX from Tucson, AZ and you'll be sure to see billboards for "The Thing". When you arrive in Dragoon you will have made it. You'll pay a small fee, led to the entrance and appropriately buzzed in. Have a look around at the artifacts and oddities as you make your way to The Thing room. There, contained in a cinder block case with a glass top, is The Thing in all its glory. Enough said! You just have to see it for yourself.

Ouija Board Headstone - Baltimore, Maryland
In case you don't know who Elijah Bond is he was the first person to receive a patent for the Ouija Board. Apparently when Elijah passed away he was buried in an unmarked grave. In 2007 a man named Robert Murch was finally able to identify Elijah's final resting spot. Robert Murch, with the help of other volunteers and donation funds, created a headstone with the Ouija Board engraved on the front. The back of the headstone bares Elijah Bond's name and the dates of birth and death. Be sure to bring a planchette, as you never know what Elijah might have to say about his final resting place.

Barbie Beach - Turin, Georgia
Looking for a good vacation beach? Then you need to make your way to Turin, GA. It's small so you'll want to get there early to find a spot but it will be well worth it. Created in 2006 by Steve and Linda Quick this 4' x 6' beach has been the host of the NCAA Final Four, Royal Weddings and a hot spot for spring breakers. There is a catch; admission to the beach requires you to be plastic and nude of course. Seriously, the beach is full of naked Barbie dolls and the occasional G.I. Joe dolls posed in various positions to mimic events. The Barbie's don't even mind being photographed so bring a camera.

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