Find Your Inner Ufologist. Vacation Destinations That May Just Be Out of This World

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Find Your Inner Ufologist. Vacation Destinations That May Just Be Out of This World

It's time to delve into the question, "Are they out there?" They is referring to UFOs or beings from another location in our universe. Ancient astronaut theorists say yes! But what about you? To help solve the mystery we have a few must see roadside attractions and destinations that will help answer that question. Keep your eyes on the sky, unless you're driving then watch the road! Without further ado, it's time to fire up the plasma-based propulsion system and go where others have already been.

Extraterrestrial Highway - Crystal Springs, NV
The Extraterrestrial Highway, State Route 375 (SR 375), is a 98 mile stretch of highway through the desolate Nevada desert. Starting in Crystal Springs, NV and ending in Warm Springs, NV, the surrounding area is mostly cattle grazing land with few settlements scattered between. There are some interesting road signs that are great for the photo album. There is a long history of strange lights in the sky and UFO sightings in this area. In 1996 the state of Nevada officially designated this stretch of road the Extraterrestrial Highway, surely prompted by the continued reports of alien activity.

While there isn't much to see along the highway it does make for a great drive to take in the desert landscape. The highway is also located close to the infamous Area 51. You might want to keep your distance. From what I've heard they're not fond of visitors, at least not the terrestrial kind.

The Yard Aliens - Blountville, TN
If you weren't able to catch a sighting on the Extraterrestrial Highway don't worry. On display in Blountville, Tennessee is a UFO with 2 aliens. The craft is located on the front lawn in a residential neighborhood on Birch Street. The saucer and friendly aliens were apparently created by the owner of the house.

So maybe it's not the real thing but a fun roadside stop for sure. You can view it from the street and get some great photos. Nonetheless, it may be good to practice your earthly greetings in the event you do see the real thing.

Visitor Complex - Kennedy Space Center, FL
As man continues to go further in space we become the aliens we are searching for. Wow! To be able to watch an actual rocket launch from the Kennedy Space Center would be awesome. I've been fortunate enough to visit but the launch was delayed that day :( This is one stop that's still on my bucket list. I can't even begin to imagine what that experience would be like to be there in person. Who knows, you may catch the first manned mission to Mars.

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex offers bleacher seats and launch commentary for the best viewing experience possible. There are also exhibits and other attractions to visit while there. Bring some sun screen and a lunch for this one. It's important to note that not all launches are available for tickets and when they are they may go fast as this is a popular event. Plan ahead and be sure to check out the launch schedule (

UFO Watchtower - Hooper, CO
Located off HWY 17 in Hooper, Colorado sits the UFO Watchtower. The tower is a 10 foot tall viewing platform that was first opened in 2000 by owner Judy Messoline. Originally a cattle ranch, the UFO Watchtower is now open year round to visitors seeking the truth. For a mere $2.00 dollars per person or $5.00 a car, you too can visit the UFO Watchtower.

Nighttime is the most desirable time to visit as sightings are more common in the dark. If you're truly dedicated you can also spend the night at the UFO Watchtower Campsite. Check for hours of operation before you visit as they do sometimes change depending on the season.

UFO Welcome Center - Bowman, SC
So there you are traveling at near light speed from a distant galaxy and you are getting a little tired. No better intergalactic spot to stop than the UFO Welcome Center in Bowman, South Carolina. Started in 1994, the creator Jody Pendarvis thought the structure would serve as a welcoming place to host extraterrestrial visitors.

We're not sure how many actual aliens have visited but you sure can. For a fee you can tour the structure although a view from the outside may be enough and safer. I don't think the structure would meet NASA standards nor local building codes. There is a good chance you've never seen anything like this before and definitely worth a small detour to get a glance at this unique structure.

Alien Burial Site - Aurora, TX
Allegedly in 1897, some 50 years before the Roswell incident, there was a report of a UFO crash in Aurora, Texas. Reports state a flying craft clipped a windmill on the property of J.S. Proctor. The incident was even reported in the Dallas Morning News on April 19, 1897. The story goes on to say the alien pilot did not survive the crash and was buried at the local cemetery.

There is even a Texas Historical Marker located at the cemetery that mentions the event. So where is the debris right? Well that was all apparently disposed of down a well that was located under the original windmill. There are claims some of the debris from the wreckage was buried with the alien visitor.

UFO Tours - Sedona, AZ
If you are still on the fence about this topic maybe a UFO Tour in Sedona, Arizona will help you make up your mind. If you're standing in a natural vortex this should increase your odds of seeing a UFO with your own eyes. So by no surprise there is a guided tour in Sedona to do some night viewing of the sky. Bring your car as you'll follow your guide to another location for optimal viewing. Plus you will get outfitted with some military grade night vision goggles.

Regardless if you are lucky enough to see an actual saucer flying above your head or even a landing it should be an interesting and educational experience. The views in Sedona are breathtaking so it's hard to go wrong with this tour. Plan ahead and reserve tickets for your out of this world adventure.

Space Acorn- Kecksburg, PA
Sure it looks like an acorn with hieroglyphics and maybe it was just a prop for a TV show but there is history here. In December 1965 there were reports across 6 states of a fireball streaking across the sky. The copper colored craft is said to have crashed in a local wooded area. Legend has it the area was sealed off by Army personal and a large object was apparently loaded on a truck and hauled off by the Army.

Reports in the Greenberg Tribune-Review indicate that nothing was found. With so many reports the incident has gained attention. More recent reports have suggested the craft was a meteor or a satellite that had re-entered earth's atmosphere. The best way to get to the bottom of this is to visit yourself. Grab a tee shirt across the street and hear what locals have to say.

UFO Festival - McMinnville, OR
Maybe some of the most famous photos of a UFO were captured in Sheridan, Oregon. The sighting occurred in May 1950 as Evelyn Trent was returning to her farm house when she spotted a metallic object in the sky. After calling for her husband, Paul Trent, who also then witnessed the object. Paul returned to his house to retrieve his camera and snapped some impressive photos.

While the photos have been scrutinized over the years, a nearby town, McMinnville, embraced the occurrence and is now host to one of the largest UFO festivals in the country. The 3 day festival has been running since 1999 and includes speakers, radio broadcasts, and vendor booths for the souvenirs.

International UFO Museum and Research Center - Roswell, New Mexico
No UFO roadside attractions article would be complete without mentioning Roswell. This is arguably one of the most well-known incidents surrounding any UFO debates. In June 1947, a local farmer named William Brazel claimed to have found debris from a crash site on his farm located in Roswell, New Mexico. The findings were not reported until early July.

Labeled maybe as one of the biggest government cover-ups by ufologists, Roswell instantly became famous. U.S. military personal were said to have closed the area to do a retrieval of the debris. Reports in newspapers confirmed recovery of a flying disc. The reports were later countered with the wreckage being that of a military weather balloon. Discover the truth for yourself with a full diorama of the actual crash site or the controversial autopsy film of the crash victims at the International UFO Museum and Research Center.

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